Mine’s Tuned Skyline R34

A forum ‘friend’ has got a Skyline R34 tuned by Mine’s. He has the full package and is now a official dealer of Mine’s products worldwide.

You can contact him via his site; http://www.kanzenperformance.com/

But now more on his own car. He drives a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR with a Stage II Mine’s engine.

More info and pictures when you continue reading

The engine has the following items

  • Cams (Mines) IN 260°/lift 10.2 mm, EX 252°/LIFT 9.5mm
    Valve spring Strengthened
    Valve guide PBB
    Valve seat Beryllium CU
    Seat cutting Machined
    Valve reface Machined
    Modification of Port Machined
    Combustion chamber adjusting Machined
    Head balancing plane research Machined
    Head gasket Metal
    Cylinder head bolt Strengthened
    Crank bolt Strengthened
    Piston (Tomei) Lightweight forged
    Connecting rod (Tomei) Lightweight Forged
    Crank processing and balance (Mines) D counter section form modification
    Crank WPC processing Machined
    Pulley balance Machined
    Block balancing plane research Machined
    Dummy boring Machined
    Plateau horning/honing Machined
    Oil pump Reimax
    Timing belt Strengthened
    Oil pan baffle Mines
    Thermostat Nismo
    Sparkplug NGK
    Water pumP 34 N1
    WrappingHKS GT2530 turbines
    HKS Actuators
    Tomei Exhaust Manifold
    Mines Outlet Pro II
    Mines Front pipe Pro
    Mines Super Catalyzer II
    Mines VX Professional Titanium II Exhaust
    Nismo Coppermix Stage II clutch
    HKS Oil cooler
    Uprated radiator
    Mines Carbon air box duct
    Garage Defend carbon cooling panel
    Samco coolant hoses
    Augmnet Bonnet dampers

On the outside the car has had minimal modifications. But those modifications were done in such a fashion that it looks hard as nails.

  • Nismo LMGT4 wheels (19*9.5) with Bridgestone RE-01R typres (275/30ZR19)Nismo MFD2
    Nismo 320kph dials
    Nismo GT Tail lights
    Nismo carbon B-Pilar trim
    Nismo Aero kit
    Nismo carbon rear spoiler

And then there is offcourse the suspension and brake parts.

  • Brembo 6-pot monoblock calipers, 356mm Rdd discs front
    Brembo 4-pot calipers, Rdd discs rearNismo S-Tune Suspension and stabliser bars

This package gives the car

  • 600ps/7400rpm (590BHP)
    60kgm/5400rpm (434 lbft)

And now the pictures of this awesome ride;



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  1. 1 cbljkkj
    01/01/2008 at 13:50

    Nick’s car looks fantastic as always. I’m really appreciative of his web-site as all the lusted after Mine’s parts descriptions are in English! Great weblog you’ve got here, lots of quality stuff from GTROC.UK.


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