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Nissan R35 GT-R Super Taikyu Racer or V-spec?

This car was spotted during the Nismo Festival on the Fuji Speedway. The rumor mill is already in full swing. But here you will read the latest and most accurate info about this car 

Dino Dalle Carbonare had a chat with someone at Nismo regarding this car.

First off it only made an appearance on Saturday during the set up of the Nismo Festival at Fuji, so I was not able to see it with my own eyes. It was its second outing (and final one for 2008) having already been out in Suzuka with the GT car. It is the first step Nissan are taking in the possible development of a production-based race car. They are currently checking if the car will be able to meet and pass certain regulations set by racing series around the world, not only Japan. They need to see if the car an be eligible for entry into these series and if modifications for homologation will be needed. Make of this what you will but its pretty obvious that the rumored performance/track-spec variant of the R35 is underneath the body of this car. Plus it also goes along with the announcement by Nissan that the development of the performance variant (people are already calling it V-spec) will start in February. So now the two shakedown tests have been done at Suzuka and Fuji the car will be ready to go from Feb.



Kazama’s green S15 has got a new home

If you are into drifting and D1 you must know this car. A Norwegian company called Japanauto has bought the car in Japan and now it has arrived in Norway. They are going to use this car in 2008 for the drifting season there.

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Nissan R35 new turbo setup

The R34 used Garrett turbos and could be easily switched for other turbos. In the new R35 that will not be as easy because the turbos are integrated in the manifold. So if you wish to exchange the turbo you will automaticaly have to change the manifold.

This will be another hurdle for the tuners to overcome. Here you see how the turbos are positioned in the manifold.

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