Nissan R35 new turbo setup

The R34 used Garrett turbos and could be easily switched for other turbos. In the new R35 that will not be as easy because the turbos are integrated in the manifold. So if you wish to exchange the turbo you will automaticaly have to change the manifold.

This will be another hurdle for the tuners to overcome. Here you see how the turbos are positioned in the manifold.

For translation of the text above please continue reading

Translation of the above:

“Super short ex-manifold and ex-housing all combined in one, on this specially-shaped set of turbines. These are not the Garrett turbos that were on the R34, but IHI (Ishikawajima Heavy Industries) turbos, which have proved to be highly reliable on the racing scene. They have managed to shave another 22% weight loss over previous versions of this special set-up. The volume of air passing thru one of these is probably around about GT-SS class, we guess.”

Thanks to my good friend Piers Dowding who did the translation. He already had a ride in this red beast. They only had to drive it carefully because of the run-in period. The engine could not be revved above the 3000 revs


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