Bee*R and their R35 GT-R

Bee*R is known for their yellow R32 Skyline that drives in the D1GP. Their speciality is to merge the different R’s together. A friend from Holland has a R33 with a R34 nose (will post pictures of that car later on) and in the UK their is one imported R32 with a R34 nose and one is in the making.

What do you guys think will Bee*R put a R34 nose on the R35?


2 Responses to “Bee*R and their R35 GT-R”

  1. 1 e-jump
    12/27/2007 at 16:33

    I’m expecting some R35 nose on R34 😛

  2. 2 forrestgrr
    12/29/2007 at 14:58

    Yup, that would be more likely as they usually put the newer front on the older car. Not sure if its going to work tho, since the R34 is alot smaller?

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