The HKS Kansai EVO X and Impreza GDB

HKS Kansai has made some considerable progress on two of the most popular JDM export cars from Japan.

The cars were modified in the suspension department and the engine got some upgrades.

The EVO X went from stock 288ps to 383.2ps. This was achieved by improving the piping on the turbo, a new intake manifold, and a new engine management. the car also benefits from alot of body reinforcement. It had extensive bracing throughout the entire car.

The Subaru went from stock 305.6ps to 330.8ps. This was almost done purely by upgrading the electronic components. so you see how much can be done when you go for a new engine management. The Subaru also got alot of braces in the rear and the front of the car to make it more rigid.

Both cars will be on display during the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.


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