Jun Auto Mechanic 350Z-R-4wd

Ben Lau is the owner of this beast build by JUN. when money isn’t a problem you get cars like this. Build to perfection.

The car has a JUN build engine with a 3.8l stroker kit and directs it power to a Hollinger 6-speed GT-R transmission. The car has been transformed to a 4 wheel drive monster with the help of the drivetrain from a R32 GT-R.

On the outside the car has a modified INGS N spec aero kit. When the car had it’s first outing on the Tsukuba track for a shakedown it already posted a time 0:55. Unfortunatly that won’t happen again because the car went to China where Ben Lau lives.

Boost 1.3K (OFF) 740ps/6400rpm 86kg.m/5900rpm
Boost 1.5K (set-44) 828PS/6400rpm 96kg.m/5900rpm
Boost 1.7K Probably 900ps over (not yet tested)

JUN 3.8L Kit. Turbos: Trust TD05 x 2. CAM: IN&EXF272“x 10.8mm.
Alloy Wheel: RGII(F 8J +25, R 8J +35). Tire: A048(F&R:265/35R18)

Current Weight = 1’340kg (target 1’250kg)


Please continue to read for more pictures


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