Widebody Carbon R34 GT-R

What do you get when you combine a R34 Skyline, a HKS RB2.8 engine, Holinger 6 speed gearbox and carbon widebody kit?

Then you get one on of the most hardcore looking R34’s out there. This car belongs to a friend that lives in Japan and is having his car build by Sunline Racing. It started out as a standard white R34. But now it looks like a full on Time Attack car. Remember that this is a customer car and not a car that belongs to a company.

They have just finished building the engine. According to Mr Taiyo Sato who is the boss of Sunline Racing this engine set up will be pushing more than 700bhp

Here you can see the fuel lines and swirl pots.

And a sneak peek of the complete car.


2 Responses to “Widebody Carbon R34 GT-R”

  1. 1 jayhundred
    01/14/2008 at 21:37

    The SL-R Widebody Kit is definitely a good look for the R34, one of my favorites in fact. It’s like a streetable M-Speed Widebody. But as I recall only the front and rear fenders and the side panels are included in the kit, everything else has to bought seperately. So which front bumper is your friend going to use? The C-West one, like their demo car, or a different one?

  2. 2 kultivate
    01/14/2008 at 21:44

    This is their demo car 😉 it has the C-west front bumper. Only the demo car of Sunline isn’t owned by Sunline but by a private owner and he’s a friend of mine.

    The car never had any engine modifications.

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