Amuse Nismo 380 Super Leggera

Amuse and the people behind Gran Turismo have teamed up. In the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 the Amuse 350Z will be a car you can choose to drive around all the famous tracks in the world.

Amuse also released some powerfigures of their 380 Super Leggera.

The car runs the standard VQ35HR but the displacement was increased to 3.8 liters. The car now pushes 386ps at 7100revs. The car is 140kg lighter than the standard 350Z hence the name Super Leggera that refers to the lighter Gallardo from Lamborghini.

It also seems that the European division from Amuse Ericsson have teamed up with BBS. On the stand of Amuse all the cars were fitted with BBS LM rims except the R35. Ericsson has released a special rim together with BBS with the name BBS LM Ericsson R.



2 Responses to “Amuse Nismo 380 Super Leggera”

  1. 1 tyndago
    01/19/2008 at 22:37

    Thats a really sexy Z. I love the look , and the wheels.

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