Gemballa Avalanche GTR 800 Evo-R

We all know by now that Gemballa build the engine for the Top Secret 996 Porsche. But Gemballa does more than that, they also build their own cars. This Avalanche is their newest edition to their fleet. The power output is 850bhp and that is achieved by two Garret T035 Superchargers and a GT3 cylinder head. Offcourse their are other changes, but then you will see a list of modifications that goes on and on.


4 Responses to “Gemballa Avalanche GTR 800 Evo-R”

  1. 1 joukov
    01/27/2008 at 20:28

    I see this car for the second time now and still cannot understand the construction of headlights. They look like photoshoped.

  2. 2 kultivate
    01/27/2008 at 21:26

    The lights are photoshopped, this is how the car will look like when finished.

    Look here for a better picture of the headlight.

  3. 3 joukov
    01/29/2008 at 19:43

    Much thanks. BTW you’re running realy great blog.

  4. 4 kultivate
    01/29/2008 at 21:01

    Thanks for that


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