SSR Chrome R34 Skyline

I know certain cars are build with a purpose. The Nissan Skyline community is always talking about cars that are track prepared or cars that are build for the quarter mile. But what happens when you fancy a drive through your local town? I always feel that there is a mix between show car and go car. But for alot of guys there is just one thing and that is GO

In my opinion the Skyline can do both. I know alot of you guys that will ‘shoot’ me after showing you this car. Because they feel that chrome and a Skyline do not mix. But I just can’t help loving this car. It has the perfect combination of colour and accesories. The Mine’s mirrors and boot spoiler are a nice touch to the all white exterior. And then offcourse their are the chrome SSR Work Meister S1 in 20″.

Style is a weird concept if you ask me, it is something that you can’t explain, but you just feel if something looks right or not. Just don’t try to force your style on to another person because maybe he feels completely different.



1 Response to “SSR Chrome R34 Skyline”

  1. 1 cbljkkj
    02/07/2008 at 20:52

    Personally I think the car looks lovely. No outrageous strange aero-parts that scream rice to spoil the sight of the car.

    Love the body color matching splitter and Nismo kit. It does bear a striking resemblance to the Mine’s GT-R particularly the Mine’s mirrors (obviously) and the matching black/carbon? boot spoiler plus trunk.

    I do like the Work Meisters SSR’s but probably not in 20″ and maybe the black inset with chrome lip instead of full on chrome.

    Apart from that, its a sight for sore sore eyes.

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