New Hot Version Vol. 91

There’s a new Hot version coming up that will feature some nice battle’s. One of the battle’s will be between the new R35 GT-R, BMW M5, BMW 335 and a Porsche 996 911. The battle will be held on the famous Tsukuba Circuit.

The other battle will be even more interesting. The MCR R35 GT-R, MCR R34 GT-R, Bee*R R32 and the Hosaka R33 GT-R will be put against each other on Tsukuba. The R35 from MCR is still standard but the other R’s are build for these kind of battle’s. So it will interesting to see which car will be the quickest arond the track in a true battle against each other.


The will also do a vehicle check with the R35 GT-R from Mine’s. Keiichi Tsuyicha will do a Timed lap on the Tsukuba Circuit.

This will be DVD that’s going in my collection.

1 Response to “New Hot Version Vol. 91”

  1. 1 cbljkkj
    02/08/2008 at 20:15

    This truly is the battle of the titans. The GT-R up against some of Europe’s best monster machines of its class. Can’t wait for the video to roll out.

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