Ericsson M480 Concept M3 Parts List

Here is partial parts list that Ericsson provides for the E92 M3 from BMW. This stuff looks out of this world.

Here is a comparison of other cars and the Ericsson M480 Concept M3

The new M3 E92  -1630kg  -420ps  -3.88kg/ps
Ericsson m480 Concept  -1460kg  -437ps  -3.34kg/PS
Porsche GT3  -1395kg  -415ps  -3.36kg/ps
Nissan GTR  -1740kg  -480ps  -3.62kg/ps
BMW E46 M3 CSL  -1420kg  -360ps  -3.94kg/ps

These figures surely make you think, doesn’t it?

First of is this Dry Carbon hood that weighs 5.9kg (normal weight 11.75kg)

the their are the Dry Carbon Sidesteps on the front bumper that weigh 1.4kg (normal weight 2.25kg)

On the rear we can find this Dry Carbon Trunk with a weight of 3.2kg (normal weight 11.8kg)

On the exhaust side of things we have this Full Titan Power Exhaust System with a weight of 23.4kg (normal weight 47.1kg)

On a final note we have this peace of art that we call the Titan Exhaust Manifold STTI. There are no characteristics known at this time.


For US sales please contact Bulletproof Automotive

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