Car Magazine features the UK first R35

These pictures are exclusive, but I can’t release all the the times yet. The magazine itself has to come out first. That will happen on the 27th. The Nissan GT-R from GT-C, Porsche Turbo, BMW M3 and Audi R8 were pitted against each other in a Time Attack style around Rockingham Circuit in the UK.

What I can do is show you these pictures 🙂 and tell you the times of the R35 and the Porsche.

Nissan R35 GT-R – 82.10 seconds !  top speed 109.7mph

Porsche 911 Turbo – 83.10 seconds top speed 114mph

The times of the R8 and the M3 will have to wait untill I can release them. The Porsche was tuned by Porsche UK because they new what they were up against. But to no avail, they still lost precious seconds on the GT-R



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