Vertex Lexus GS

This car is a mix up of two cars that belongs to the same family tree. In America and Europe this car is called the Lexus GS but in Japan it is called the Toyota Aristo. For the third generation Toyota decided that they wanted to align all world markets and therefor it is now called the Lexus GS everywhere even in Japan.

The base car is a Lexus GS from the second generation and the front is from a Lexus GS from the third generation. It gives a whole new fresh look the ‘old’ GS. Vertex has featured this car on the Tokyo Auto Salon and it got some real good response from the visitors. So now this complete conversion is available to the public. The complete kit contains the full front facia including the hood, front bumper, front fenders, the wiring for the lights and brackets to fix everything.

For more info please contact Vertex here

The car featured here has a set of Volk Progressiv TS rims and a complete audio entertainment system. The Bride seats should give it some street credibility, but I think T&E has overdone it a bit with that choice. But the car itself is fantastic piece of machinery



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