Gotta show some EG Love

Here in Holland we really don’t have a JDM scene, offcourse there are a few pioneers but you really can’t call it a scene on itself. In America and Australia including New Zealand they are way ahead of us. Even I started with a Honda Civic, that was 10 years ago. I really loved that car, and I still do. But it was time to move on. That’s why I bought the next best thing and that was a Nissan and rear wheel drive car.

The Honda platform itself has a strong following, there are even companies that only build products for Honda. Even today the hatchbacks and the coupe’s are cars that are present on carshows worldwide. The Honda Civic EG has started the whole import craze for me. so I thought it was time to feature one of the cleanest EG’s I found recently.

This Civic Eg belongs to a group called JDMyard, the car features a set of Mugen seats and a 4 point chromoly Cusco cage. On the engine side this car is running the ever so popular K series engine swap. Like I said you just gotta show soem EG love.



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