Drift BMW widebody Touring E36

Drifting in Holland is popular to a certain degree, everyone talkes about it and tries it. But there are only a few people that do it on a proffesional level. One of those people is Paul Vlasblom. He has a company that specialises in Porsche and BMW’s. So for him it was a natural step to start drifting in BMW. But not just a ordinay BMW, no he started in this BMW E36 Touring.

Drifting is also about geting noticed and to showoff. In England he is known as the guy with the loudest exhaust note. And in Holland he is just known as the Driftking. I worked with him in his shop and on a few events.

To car has been build to D1 standards, with extra lightweight doors, hood and trunk made out of FRP. It has a D1 approved rollcage and all the necessary safety precautions. The engine got swapped out of a M3, so now it has 3.2 motor. To help it breath it has a Hamann carbon airbox. The exhaust gasses are guided through a custom made exhaust from the front to the back. Thanks to the 2 shrick camshafts and the reprogrammed ECU the cars puts out a hefty 381bhp and 450Nm.

The most imported thing on a drift car is offcourse the suspension and handling part of the car. This car has a completely adjustable Intrax suspension system and a modified M5 rear differential.

The picture I took was taken at a friendly raceday where people could get a passenger ride with Paul Vlasblom. You can see our cars in the pits also, the ER34 and the R334



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