Car Magazine And their R35 test

Today the magazine Car will be available where they tested the R35 GT-R. They tested the car against the Audi R8, BMW M3 and a specially modified Porsche Turbo by Porsche itself. I can already give you the times the cars did around the track of Rockingham in England.

  • Nissan GTR – 82.10 seconds with a top speed of 109.7mph
  • Porsche 911 turbo – 83.10 seconds with a top speed of 114mph
  • Audi R8 – 83.83 seconds with a top speed of 107.9mph
  • BMW M3 – 85.58 seconds with a top speed of 106.2 mph

So there you have it, the Nissan is victorius again. Allthough the Porsche managed to get a higher topspeed it lost precious seconds around the corners.



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