RB28 R32 Skyline

Sometimes you just know that you’re looking at some serious machinery. When I look at the engine bay of this car I know it’s going to go fast. The engine was built by Tomei in Japan and then airlifted to Prague, Czech republic. With the TO4Z HKS turbo he should be looking at a healthy 650bhp.

R34 N1 block
Tomei RB28 kit
Jun strenghtened crank bolts
Jun oil pump
Nismo main bearings
R34 N1 water pump
Tomei oversized oil pan
Tomei head gasket, oil restrictor
Tomei Procam 280° 10.8mm + adjust pulley
Tomei valve springs, valve lifters, PB valve guide, etc….

Can’t wait to see this car being finished, the owner reckons it will take him six weeks to finish it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



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