Toyota JZX100 Mark 2

This Chaser belongs to Power Vehicles and will be used as a demo car. Power Vehicles is known for their export business and drift cars straight from Japan. But what really matters is the car itself. In 2006 they have build a 180SX and in 2007 it was time for a S13.

Now in 2008 the time has come for some serious power in the form of this Chaser JZX100. The engine used is a 2JZ from a Supra with 1JZ cylinder head making it a 1.5JZ. With the help of the T04Z turbo the car has a healthy 600ps at 1,5 bar. On the exterior we find a complete Kazama auto Promode bodykit. For the suspension side of things they used a Aragosta suspension setup and Kazama Auto parts

The car has a complete interior with Bride seats and a HKS camp system installed. The car is fully road registered and can be used for D1 Street Legal and MSC drift events. Later this year they plan to build a fully forged 3.1 litre bottom end



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