Nomuken’s ’08 ER34

If we have to believe everything we read on the web, we should be looking out for the Nissan R35 at the start of the D1GP season with Ken Nomura behind the wheel. I’m not so sure this will happen at the opening race because there will be alot of modifications to get the R35 D1GP worthy. As we look at the amount of effort companies like Mine’s are putting in to their R35, I really don’t believe Blitz will have this car sideways on a competative level soon.

I think Nomuken will start with his ER34 for this season. Maybe later on in the season they will bring out the R35 and see how it does on the track.

here are some pictures of the car in it’s latest reincarnation. The bodykit used is not to my taste, I liked the one he used before and that is the same on my car much better.


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