Wald Mercedes C class

Not sure what to make of this. Wald is famous for there VIP styled cars and that is were the problem starts. I really don’t know where to put this car. Is it VIP, is it Euro like Brabus or Techart or just plain ugly. I haven’t made up my mind yet. What I do know is that the spoiler has to go, period.



2 Responses to “Wald Mercedes C class”

  1. 1 tsuchiyakun
    03/28/2008 at 08:50

    Hi mate, I’m a user of GTROC forum and I love your blog, it’s great!!!
    About this car, I like front end but that massive spoiler is very … big for a Mercedes ^_^U

  2. 2 r3ng3
    03/30/2008 at 03:28

    i kinda like the whole thing.. well sure, the spoiler in the back is too “Evo” in a Benz, for sure – but still, it fills the whole angles’n’curves styling, like eg. a FTO – hate it or love it. ^^

    that style could be called like Street DTM or something like that – or like a local tuning magazine around here cited, “Lux Race”. 🙂

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