D1GP season opener

The D1GP has ended in America and was allready gone in Europe. They are now focusing on the Japanese market. The first round was at the ‘new’ Ebisu track. I say new because the have new tarmac in place.

Kawabata from Team Toyo won the first round in his blue S15

Kazuyoshi Okachan from Yashio factory wasn’t so lucky, he crashed his S15 into the wall. He was together with Kuniaki Takahashi who drives a JZX100 in a Tsuiso drift. In front off the wall his wheels locked en he went hard agaisns the wall.


Here you can see Ken Nomura and his ER34 up close and personal. The car has the new bodykit from Uras together with the new Blitz Racing Wheels. The cars output is now 520hp. With his new setup he became second.

Third place went to Kazuhiro Tanaka from Team Orange, he drove the GDB Impreza

Here you can see the track layout from above. I have painted the way they drift trough the corners


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