Garage Defend JZX100

At Garage Defend they have this Toyota Chaser JZX100 for sale. This Chaser is the last of it’s generation, after this Toyota replaced the Chaser with the Verossa models. the chaser model is still a very popular platform with its 1JZ-GTE engine. The car is still being used in the D1GP by several drifters.

The 1JZ-GTE engine with vvti technolgy (variable valve timing). This engine is a 2,5 litre, but mostly stock besides the HKS intercooler.


Clean, white and simple, just the way I like it.

SSR Professors SP1 rims in size 18″

Interior with a nice Momo steering wheel and a Bride seat


1 Response to “Garage Defend JZX100”

  1. 1 uzz30driver
    04/02/2008 at 22:27

    So clean!

    I’m loving this JZX.

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