MCR is busy upgrading their Nismo 380RS, they have allready asked ACR if they could stiffen up the chassis. Now they have also enlisted Endless to provide the 380RS with a new brake setup.

ARC’s new Strut brace, you can see that it’s purely to stiffen up the chassis, Nismo allready provided for a strut brace over the suspension setup.


New Endless 6 pot brakes for the front, I guess these brakes are strong enough to stop a speeding train. The Endless technicians are doing a final check up on the rotors and brake pads themselfs.

Two brothers side by side, both owned by MCR. The red one is used by Kobayashi for the Z masters tournament in Japan. This is in a pitbox at Fuji Speedway where they are going to test the cars on track.


Here you see people from Z magazine taking pictures of the car for an upcoming magazine.



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