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Varis MKsport Cyber EVO 5

I’m a huge fan of Time Attack events, especially the ones that are held on Tsukuba. Offcourse there are other tracks but they don’t give me the same feeling when I’m watching a hotlap from the Mspeed R34 around Tsukuba.

Alot of tuners are also using Fuji Speedway for a timed attack. This time it was the Cyber Evo 5 that tried and better their game. MCR and Mine’s allready did a timed attack and got some impressive times with there Nissan GT-R’s. MCR got a time of 1:52.2 and Mine’s achieved a time of 1:52.8.

The Cyber EVO did it a little bit quicker 😉 they had a record time of 1:48.9. Offcourse this car was made for Time Attack, so it wasn’t a surprise for me that they are quicker


The car in the back is a Mazda FD RX7 build by R magic, it recorded a time 1:49.4. R Magic has also entered D1GP this year with a FD.


Here you see the time slip. The Cyber EVO on top, followed closely by the R Magic FD. You can see one of the R35’s in the back of the second picture but I do not know who owns those cars. I could also be privateers that went around the track

The car is running a 2.2 liter stroker kit from JUN. the rims are a set of Rays RE30 and the bodykit is from Varis. I really have a thing for these older models, the newer Evo’s are to sleek, I like the edgy look of this EVO 5. Too bad this bodykt isn’t for sale, because it’s a one off.



Nob’s D1 Altezza

Nobuteru Taniguchi is said to return to the D1 this year. He will do a few rounds because of his busy schedule in other racing departments. HKS has updated his Altezza with new graphics and probably with some new engine parts.

The car is pushing out 600ps thanks to a 2.2 litre stroker kit made by HKS and a GT3037 Turbo. They have gutted the car and now it has a weight just shy of 1100kg. That’s 400kg lighter than a standard model, an amazing achievement.

The first round where NOB will make his debut will be on the 26th and 27th of April. D1GP will then go the Fuji Speedway, I really can’t wait to see what Nob can do against the rest of the field. I know I will be cheering for Nomuken 😉

Nobuteru Taniguchi


Aussie Chaser

I’m showing alot of chasers lately, but that’s just the way it goes. I got this JZX100 through the mail from a guy from Australia. He is selling his car so if you want some more info on it please contact me and I will get you the email adress. The car was imported by C-red in 2004


I really like the look of the complete Wise Sports bodykit, the car also has the wide front fenders that houses the VS-KF Shadow Chrome rims in 19″. The look alot like the Blitz rims I got on the ER34.

Here you see the 1JZ-GTE engine that is a 2.5 litre that has alot of HKS goodies. It has a 3040 turbo kit from HKS together with a manifold. The car is running 400rwhp.

The owner has used RG coilovers together with a Nismo 2 way LSD. I’m guessing that will let the car go sideways.

I really like the car, a few friends of mine in Holland also have these Chasers. They don’t get you noticed in a instance but they will definalty turn heads. We never got these cars in Holland.

Check out the sticker in the back ‘chaseher’ 😉

Wise Sports
C Red