Aussie Chaser

I’m showing alot of chasers lately, but that’s just the way it goes. I got this JZX100 through the mail from a guy from Australia. He is selling his car so if you want some more info on it please contact me and I will get you the email adress. The car was imported by C-red in 2004


I really like the look of the complete Wise Sports bodykit, the car also has the wide front fenders that houses the VS-KF Shadow Chrome rims in 19″. The look alot like the Blitz rims I got on the ER34.

Here you see the 1JZ-GTE engine that is a 2.5 litre that has alot of HKS goodies. It has a 3040 turbo kit from HKS together with a manifold. The car is running 400rwhp.

The owner has used RG coilovers together with a Nismo 2 way LSD. I’m guessing that will let the car go sideways.

I really like the car, a few friends of mine in Holland also have these Chasers. They don’t get you noticed in a instance but they will definalty turn heads. We never got these cars in Holland.

Check out the sticker in the back ‘chaseher’ 😉

Wise Sports
C Red

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