Varis MKsport Cyber EVO 5

I’m a huge fan of Time Attack events, especially the ones that are held on Tsukuba. Offcourse there are other tracks but they don’t give me the same feeling when I’m watching a hotlap from the Mspeed R34 around Tsukuba.

Alot of tuners are also using Fuji Speedway for a timed attack. This time it was the Cyber Evo 5 that tried and better their game. MCR and Mine’s allready did a timed attack and got some impressive times with there Nissan GT-R’s. MCR got a time of 1:52.2 and Mine’s achieved a time of 1:52.8.

The Cyber EVO did it a little bit quicker 😉 they had a record time of 1:48.9. Offcourse this car was made for Time Attack, so it wasn’t a surprise for me that they are quicker


The car in the back is a Mazda FD RX7 build by R magic, it recorded a time 1:49.4. R Magic has also entered D1GP this year with a FD.


Here you see the time slip. The Cyber EVO on top, followed closely by the R Magic FD. You can see one of the R35’s in the back of the second picture but I do not know who owns those cars. I could also be privateers that went around the track

The car is running a 2.2 liter stroker kit from JUN. the rims are a set of Rays RE30 and the bodykit is from Varis. I really have a thing for these older models, the newer Evo’s are to sleek, I like the edgy look of this EVO 5. Too bad this bodykt isn’t for sale, because it’s a one off.



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