D1GP RE Amemiya FD

I’m not really into the Mazda RX7, I like the look of the car but I do not know alot about them. So I’ve I need info I always go to RE-extreme’s website to get educated about the RX7. He is for me the only source of reliable info that has to do with the FD. He drives one himself also that looks rather nice 🙂

Almost every car had a refresh for the 2008 D1GP season. Even the Blitz ER34 from Nomuken had a few new items like the new bodykit and engine tweaks. The RE Amemiya doesn’t look to have alot of changes, but for the trained eye there are some minor changes.

The car has been made wider, the frontfenders are now bolt on items so the wheels have more space and now it can make a wider angle

They have removed the rear diffusor as it was no longer needed, you can also see the heat wrapping on the exhaust that goes all the way to the front.

Here you can clearly see how much wider the front has become. The rear aprons are possibly to divert the smoke that the tyres will generate.

Loving this pic, with Suenaga in front chased by Nomuken. Talking about lock, these front wheels can’t go any further. Luckily it wasn’t enough because in the end Nomuken would win this battle 😉

RE Amemiya
RE Extreme

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