Newing Golf V GTI-RSR

Now it’s time for all your European car lovers, I don’t think that alot of people that read this drive a European car but still. Back in the days when street racing was cool I had a Golf II G60, it wasn’t the fastest but I thought it was one of the coolest looking rides.

Now we have arrived at the Golf V through the eyes of the Japanese based Newing. The make bodykits for all the platforms that Volkswagen produces. This GTI RSR version is there top of the range model.

The bodykit is a true bold on widebody kit, I really love the hardcore look with the rivets still showing. In Europe there is a strong movement of keeping the car as clean as possible but I really prefer this look.

New front bumper and cool carbon insert, you can also see how wide this car actually is. You definatly need a good set of rims to make this work.


How cool does this look? if I was driving a Golf I wouldn’t even have to think about buying a bodykit. I would go for this one every time.

The rims are a set of 20″ Alpil by Brombacher wheels in matt black. They really finish the look of this ubercool ride.


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