Pristine White R34

Just found this R34 while searching on Japanese Yahoo auction site. Agains this is an example that is being sold by Global Auto.

The suspension is from Tein and is adjustable in 16 ways. Gold and white always work well, as you can see it also works on this car. Yokohama Wheels has stopped making these wheels, the new RGII are the replacement. I still think these look cool and when time passes by these will be even more exclusive.

Behind these front rims we can see the Project Mu rotors


The exterior is standard apart from some V-spec goodies. The exhaust is made by Fujitsubo and is made from titanium.

Engine wise not much has changed, K&N makes sure the engine breathes a bit better and Trust provided the engine with a new frontpipe.

Carrozeria has the audio covered with their Minidisc and CD player, I also got one in my ER34. I have never seen anything similar in Europe, we only get the single din units.

Global AutoProject Mu


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