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JDM Garage AE86

Just came across this Toyota AE86, and thought that it was one of the coolest one I have seen in a long time. The car belongs to JDM Garage in Australia.

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The car has custom made Longchamps XR4 wheels 15″x9,5 and it is running a SR20 engine. The engine has a HKS turbo, Sard 850cc injectors, Tomei cam gears and a E series locked diff. what more could you want? Man this thing looks good!!

JDM Garage 


Sequential EVO X

After Sequential debuted there Black Illusion body kit on the EVO X, they entered the Hypermeeting with this white one. It has the same bodykit, rims and spoiler.

Rims are the new Work emotion XC8 in bronze, in the background you can see the Runduce Impreza

The spoiler is from Voltex, that seems to be the main supplier for spoilers on the new X


D1GP Season Opener

Sometimes you make a friendly request and ask for some pictures, this time I didn’t got what I requested but maybe I got something even better. I got 700 pictures from the D1GP season opener from last week.

Major thanks to Andrew at Powervehicles, he also exported my ER34 Skyline.

Mazda FD RX7 driven by Tsutomo Huzio, the car has a complete URAS bodykit. He would not finish because he got didn’t get past the first round

JZZ30 Toyota Soarer driven by Osamu Akira, with a full BN Sports bodykit and deep dish Work Meister S1’s. Too bad he did not quailified, would have loved to see this beast take it up against Ken Nomura

Nissan PS13 driven by Kazuto Itiyanagi, this car wears full Origin Aero. Did not get past the first round.

The new VIP drifter Toyota Crown driven by Masayoshi Tokita and the familiar Skyline R324 from Bee*R driven by Tsoyoshi Tezuka. Tokita finished 13th and Tezuka finished 11th, not a good start for the Bee*R boys

Never saw this JZX100 Toyota Chaser driven Robbi Nishida before, after some asking around it seemed that this is the road car of Daigo Sato. Robbi Nishida is a US Formula D competitor. Really cool that he got too drive with the big guns and I hope he takes some of his experience back to the states.

The infamous Team Orange cars, Tanaka finished third in his Impreza. I think the need to wrok some more magic on their EVO because they finished 12th

The Nissan S15 from Team Toyo driven by Tatsuya Sakuma, in the back you see the number one car. That’s the car driven by Kawabata who would win the first round.

Nissan S15 driven by Youichi Imamura, he would finish 7th

D1GP, Power Vehicles, Ebisu Circuit



GP Sports Impreza exhaust

GP Sports was busy with their new Imprza and this is what they came up with. A new exhasut system. Where is the time that exhausts were just plain silver? Everybody is making these burnt tip style exhaust nowadays.


The look of the new Impreza is starting to gro on me, especially when I’m looking at these pictures. Allthough i think Subaru made a mistake with those horrible rear lights.

Here we can see the entire exhaust setup, it sure looks well fabricated

And here’s the design of the tips

GP Sports, Subaru


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