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Two monster R34’s

These car were posted on the forum in the UK. The belong to two guys that live in Singapore and I think these two cars are some of the nicest around. They have it all from the right colour combo to the brakes.


This car has had the full Z-Tune treatment, frontbumper, sidewings, hood and rearbumper


This one in black also got the Z-tune threatment.


Prodrive PFF7 rims that are normally found on the Subaru Impreza work amazingly well on this R34. The brake setup behind the rim is from AP Racing


Here you the Advan RS in black and behind it a brake setup you don’t see very often. It’s an item from HKS

Prodrive, HKS, AP Racing, Advan


GP Sports S15

GP Sports was also in the top 10 of best cars at the Exciting Car Show with their D1GP S15. They also brought their other car that they build for Auto Produce Boss and is being driven by Youichi Imamura.

img_4434s img_4452s

This car is being driven by Kawabata who won the D1GP Season Opener. The car has the new GP Sports boykit and their signature Gullflame rims in white


This car has the same bodykit but is using some nice Gramlights 57Maximum.

GP Sports, Auto Produce Boss


R Magic FD’s

Here is a nice pic of the stand from R Magic at the Exciting Car Show Down. the car in front is there D1GP entry and was in the top ten of best car’s of the show. The other FD on the left is a customer car and the RX8 is their other democar.


Too bad there aren’t any better pics of the white, cause that one looks like a stunner.

R Magic, Exciting Car Showdown


3D Design E92 M3

When the Ericcson M3 was a bit too much for you than maybe this 3D Design has a better answer. They have a very subtle approach and only offer a new carbon frontlip and a carbon insert that surrounds the exhausts.

4 1

As you can see there hasn’t been much of a change in the back really except for the carbon diffusor. I know that alot of people like it that way, why change something when it allready looks good.

3 4

Don’t you just love JDM wheels on Euro cars, 3D Design has used black Volk Te37 on this demo car. I think it looks just right and goes pretty well with the white car. The carbon frontlip makes the car just look that bit better.

3D Design