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Ben schaffer’s S2000

Just spreading the word, this S2000 has been featured before on this blog, but there are now some better and nicer pictures. The car is being owned by Ben Schaffer from Bulletproofautomotive, he is the importer of some very exclusive and wanted parts in the US.

The car has a mix of bodyparts from different Japanese tuners. Some names that will make you dazzle, Tracy Sports, Powerhouse Amuse, Top Secret and Spoon. Each tuner delivered parts that Ben modified to make his S2000 a true one off example.


Tires are from Toyo that protect the colour coded Ings+1 TS-06 in 19″. On the rear bumper you can see the MSR sticker. This is a signature sticker and it means that M.S.Revolution designed the graphics for this car. The owner of the company is the well known Mana P (D1GP) he also design’s the majority of the cars that compete in the D1GP, he also designed the graphics on my Skyline ER34


The rear diffusor is made by Top Secret but was originaly meant to be fitted onto a Skyline R34. Ben managed to incorporate this into his show winning machine. It sure looks like it was made for it. The exhaust is a one off made by Nippon Steel and are from titanium.


The hardtop was made by Spoon but for Ben that wasn’t exclusive enough so he decided he needed something different. He molded two side windows into the hardtop too make it even more exclusive.

Bulletproof Automotive, The Real JDM


Hot Version Volume 92

There’s another Hot Version available, this time they will put the JUN Evo X and the Original Runduce Impreza against each other. This test is a part of three other tests that they will conduct with the new 2.0 litre beasts from Japan.


In test 1 they will put two standard cars against each other driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Takayuki Kinoshita

ph_1_05b ph_1_06b

In test 2 they will go head to head in Gymkhana style, the cars used are the Pro-tent HKS Evo and Pleasue D2 Impreza. This time the cars will be driven by two women.

1 ph_1_08b

In the third test they will put the JUN build Evo X and the Original Runduce Impreza against each other. The other two competitors are an Evo VIII and a GDB Impreza. On Tsukuba the JUN Evo X mamaged a time of 1:01.309 and the Original Runduce Impreza managed a time of 1:03.947. So according these times the JUN Evo X should be quicker than the Impreza


As a extra on the DVD you can see a full on attack of the R35 GT-R made by Sunline Racing driven Keiichi Tsuchiya

Hot Version, JUN, Original Runduce, Sunline Racing


Random Shot 1



Harrison R35 GT-R parts

Alle the parts developed by Harrison are now available to the public. The have made alot of carbon extra’s and they have fitted a new set of rims.


I still love the colour together with the black parts. I’m still waiting for the colour change that Top Secret has in store.


Funny thing is that they didn’t make the spoile rout of carbon as Mine’s did.


The rims are Gram Lights R57GT made by Rays, front: 20″x9.5j +25 rear: 20″x10.5j +15


New carbon grill that will set you back a whopping 54.000 Yen


Nice looking rear diffusor, the factory part is made from ordinary plastic, so this is looks so much better


Even the air vent is made from carbon

Zele International


Looking FD RX7

Here is the RX7 through Looking eyes 😉 Looking specialises in bodywork and paint. This car has the same trademarks as the black RX7, low, big rims although it has more body modifications like the spoiler and the hood.


The car has a complete M-sports bodykit that Looking modified to stand out from the crowd. The spoiler is made by Looking itself and is manufactured from carbon. The other spoiler on the roof has been delivered by GP Sports


The hood is made by RE Amemiya, Looking made another one for the Tokyo Auto salon in 2007. That car had the smae bodykit but that car had some very nice custom made Leon Hardiritt Waffe rims.

Could anybody help me in identifying the rims on this car?

M Sports


Lux-style FD RX7

I wasn’t sure as to how I should categorize this car, it doesn’t comply to the VIP rules if there are any. Then I remembered an article in a magazine where they called the Looking FD RX7 a Lux-style car. The Looking FD is made in the same way although that car is red and has more body modifications. They do share the overal look, I will post some more pics of the looking FD in my next post.


The car itself looks so right, that if I would ever own a rx7 I would go this route. Low, chrome and black. I’ve had this picture as a wallpaper for ages on my computer screen.


The rims are Bvillens T8S from Weds, in the front they are 19″x9.0j +6 offset and in the back they are 19″x10.0j +6 offset


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