Ben schaffer’s S2000

Just spreading the word, this S2000 has been featured before on this blog, but there are now some better and nicer pictures. The car is being owned by Ben Schaffer from Bulletproofautomotive, he is the importer of some very exclusive and wanted parts in the US.

The car has a mix of bodyparts from different Japanese tuners. Some names that will make you dazzle, Tracy Sports, Powerhouse Amuse, Top Secret and Spoon. Each tuner delivered parts that Ben modified to make his S2000 a true one off example.


Tires are from Toyo that protect the colour coded Ings+1 TS-06 in 19″. On the rear bumper you can see the MSR sticker. This is a signature sticker and it means that M.S.Revolution designed the graphics for this car. The owner of the company is the well known Mana P (D1GP) he also design’s the majority of the cars that compete in the D1GP, he also designed the graphics on my Skyline ER34


The rear diffusor is made by Top Secret but was originaly meant to be fitted onto a Skyline R34. Ben managed to incorporate this into his show winning machine. It sure looks like it was made for it. The exhaust is a one off made by Nippon Steel and are from titanium.


The hardtop was made by Spoon but for Ben that wasn’t exclusive enough so he decided he needed something different. He molded two side windows into the hardtop too make it even more exclusive.

Bulletproof Automotive, The Real JDM


2 Responses to “Ben schaffer’s S2000”

  1. 04/11/2008 at 22:25

    That is simply SEXXXY in SOOO MANY ways!

  2. 2 tsuchiyakun
    04/12/2008 at 10:43

    One of the coolest AP1 ^_^

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