Top Secret Supra V12 does 358km/h at Nardo

Top Secret just made this announcement that they made a record speed of 222mp/h or 358km/h on the Nardo cicruit in Italy. They haven’t managed the 400km/h barrier but this was a first preliminary test to see how the car would react on the circuit. So I guess now all systems are go and that Top Secret will succeed in their quest for the holy grale


This picture was taken at the Top Secret shop when it had the older graphics designed by MSR


The V12 comes from a Toyota Century, and is being aided by two turbo’s. The total horsepower output of the car is just shy of a 1000ps. The car uses the Final Evolution Widebody kit designed by Top Secret


‘Smokey’ Nagata working on one of his award winning cars

Top Secret, Bulletproof Automotive


2 Responses to “Top Secret Supra V12 does 358km/h at Nardo”

  1. 04/12/2008 at 16:47

    very nice blog post!! I hope one day I can visit that TS shop! So many goodies parked outside!

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