I’ve got something in the mail

Ah how nice is this when your postman brings you all these nice magazines? I know what I will be doing these days, gotta alot of catching up to do 🙂


REVspeed Levin,Trueno no.3 vol.71, REVspeed Silvia no.8 vol.125, REVspeed Lancer EVO no.8 vol.129, GT-R magazine vol.080 May and Z magazine vol.007


2 Responses to “I’ve got something in the mail”

  1. 04/16/2008 at 07:27

    Oh yes,

    The RevSpeed magazines are superb. I got them for the daihatsu copen and they are real juwel treasures.



  2. 2 eclip5e
    04/16/2008 at 14:17

    Those mags are excellent to leave in the bathroom.

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