GT-R contender

The last few days I have been checking what was driving around the Nürburgring in Germany, I live a three hour drive from the circuit 🙂 Al these rumors about the new Spec V and Lexus LF-A had made me curious. Now Lexus has even upped the ante with this ‘new’ LF-A. They have showed up at the track with this monster and I mean that in a good way.


This car looks more like a race prepared car than a normal LF-A road car. The car has a newly designed front bumper with a bigger airdam and canards.


From the side I think it looks alot like the old Supra, so this to me this will be the successor of the Supra. Massive rims hides the even more impressive brake assembly, and we can see a quick acces fuel cap.


In the rear we see this huge spoiler for extra downforce, I’m not sure wether this car will be has been build to break the record at the Nürburgring or that Lexus is testing their 24 hours Le mans entry. Their are rumors that Lexus will be entering this years race.



1 Response to “GT-R contender”

  1. 1 tougenomikado
    07/16/2008 at 11:54

    serously.. that does look just like a Supra.. they should just call it a Supra.. and bring back turbos.

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