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Sunline Carbon R34

A friend of mine in Japan owns one of the most hardcore looking GT-R’s in the world. At least that is my humble opinion. But maybe after seeing these pictures you will think the same 🙂


Complete carbon fibre wide bodykit made by Sunline Racing (SLR). A 6cm body-widening kit. Genuine carbon parts are the front nose, the 4 wings, the bonnet, the doors inner and outer, the rear wing, the bootlid and the wing mirrors. Also the car has a one off moulded carbon fitted roof, back light surrounds and rear bumper cover.

The rims are Advan Racing TCII in 18″x9.5j ET+16. This picture was taken before the engine rebuild. for the handling Piers has opted for the HKS Hypermax II suspension and alot of SLR goodies like tension rods, camber arms and pillow arms.

dsc01473gs9 dsc01484fy0

The car just came back today with a new N1 2.8 litre HKS build engine. A new Greddy turbo and titanium intake elbow.


New rollcage that doesn’t destroy the whole car, this car can still be driven on the road. The car is made to race and that is what it will do. Nice Nardi steering wheel and Bride seats.


And there you have it, 650hp to give it the advantage on the circuit. Together with the wait savings this car will be a serious contender for Time Attack events.

Expect some more info and pictures of this beast in the near future.

Sunline Racing


240Z with a twist

When browsing through my daily forums I came across this beauty. A wonderfull example of a Nissan 240Z with an RB26 engine. These conversions are very popular and offcourse you have guys saying it’s sacrilege but I think it is a match made in heaven.


A nice old school 240Z with on of his nephew’s, the Skyline R32 GT-R. nice wide fenders that are colour coded, I’m bot a fan off the colour though because I prefer the more beige colours.


The rear of the cars looks even nicer than the front. The R32 is rocking some Advan RG1’s. Wich car would you prefer, They both have the RB26 so wich one has the better looks?


Here’s the first hint of what’under the bonnet.


And here you have it on all it’s glory, the Work Meister S1 rims really suit the car.



Hachiroku love

I really love when it when people can be so passionate about one car. A blogging and picture providing friend from Sydney asked me if I could feature his blog on this site. The blog is about one car only and that is the Toyota Corolla AE86.

So if you want to stay on top of things with everything AE86 you definalty should log on to their blog. Check it out here


And I always think a post without cars sucks, so here is an example of a N1 Ae86 racer at the Mobara circuit.

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Hope you guys like it 🙂