Hi Octane Time Attack R32

When the Time Attack event was held last year december at Tsukuba there were more countries present beside the UK participants. Hi Octane Racing from Australia where also there to show the Japanese how they do it in Australia. They brought their R32 GT-R over and managed a 59.6 seconds run. A really impressive achievement

Today they were present at a Time Attack event at Oran Park that got canceled due to bad weather. Luckily our man from down under was present and shot these amazing shots.


The Ohlins suspension system makes sure it goes hard through the bends. The rest of the suspension system consits of Ikeya Formula arms. 


Side exit exhaust and some Nismo body parts, no Fancy stuff just made to go fast. Tires are made by Dunlop and are semi slicks for that extra grip on the track.


You can see a colour change on the door that’s because they are made from carbon, the windows are from lexan to shave some more weight of the car


These are made by Enkei but are branded as AME wheels. They are a set of Tracers TM-02 in 18″x10.5 ET+22. The brake setup is made by AP racing and has a 6 pot in the front and a 4 pot in the rear.


The powersource, the almighty RB26DETT. The engine is being helped by alot of Tomei goodies and it runs on a Autronic ECU.

Hi Octane, Matthew Mead

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