Fujita Engineering RX7

Changing the appearance of ‘older’ cars to make them look newer is popular in Japan. Everybody knows the Supra made by Top Secret by now. Here’s a RX7 made by Fujita Engineering, better know as FEED. Offcourse there are Mazda purists that despise the bodykit. I think this kit will get the car much more attention, and I really hope I will see this kit outside Japan one day.


The bodykit consits of a frontbumper, hood, frontfenders, sideskirts, rearfenders, rearbumper and different front and rear lights, The complete kit will set you back a massive ¥1,659,000. The front lights remind me of the TVR Sagaris.


Ferrari styled rearlights and a massive diffuser totally transforms the car from the rear. The spoiler is als made by FEED


Still one of my favorites, the Advan RS. Behind it we see a nice Greddy brake assembly.

Fujita Engineering


1 Response to “Fujita Engineering RX7”

  1. 1 japancarblog
    04/21/2008 at 21:26

    The funny thing about the RX7 is just how timeless it is. It’s been how many years now? 15? And the car still looks gorgeous with just a few cosmetic changes.

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