Top Secret Top Speed runs

Here are some nice video’s from the previous top speed runs that ‘Smokey’ Nagata did. Everything is being filmed by Chiba Kun. Nobody knows who Chiba Kun is all we know is he races the Wangan at midnight.

This is a clip where you will see Smokey do 211MPH (341km/h) on the German Autobahn. His car of choice was the Nissan V35 GT-R, it featured a V8 from the Nissan Q45. The car output was around 800hp

Here you see the Top Secret V12 Supra in action on the Shuto Expressway. He also explains why he is called Smokey, if we didn’t allready know that 🙂

This is were it all started for me, here you see Smokey getting caught by the UK police. This was my first introduction to Top Secret. The car he used was a Toyota Supra with a RB26 onboard, he passed the 300km/h barrier.



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