D1 Street Legal at Ebisu

Here we have some pics from the cars that GP sports prepared for the D1 Street Legal series. While D1GP still gets huge crowds, they stay at home for the D1SL series. Not sure why, by looking at the pictures I feel that there are some really nice cars competing.

I think the major problem is with the D1 is the scoring method. Yes I know you will get points for angle, clipping points and smoke, but that’s not always how it goes. There’s too much politics involved, a shame really.


V Factory S15 that finished 6th, car has the GP Sports full bodykit and their signature Gravity Gullflame rims in a bronze finish


GP Sports GDB Impreza finished 5th, a really good effort.


Really nice S14A that didn’t got past the best 16. again with the Gullflame rims this time in a silver finish


Massive JZX110 tearing up Ebisu circuit, Toshiharu Kazama is piloting this car for his company Kazama auto. Bodykit is made by Kazama himself and the rims are a set of Gramlights 57maximum.


And here we have the winner Naoto Suenaga, he is driving this s13 for Drift Extreme and is sponsored by the famous Team Orange. In the final he went up against the D-max S15.


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