Advan FD RX7

I first saw this car during the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008, I allready heard that the car belonged to the designer of the Advan RS rim. The only thing I do not understand is that the rim is called the RZ on the car but when you look on the Advan site the rim is advertised as the RS. Are there any differences between the two?

The other tow pictures were brought to you by JDMego


During TAS08 this car was featured on the Yokohama/Advan stand, you can see some nice Bride seats and a rollcage was also in place.


Brake setup from Project MU, I think the car is a bit crowded from behind. The spoiler is a bit too much. The diffuser on the other hand looks very cool.


Nice C-West frontbumper with extra aero canards.

Advan, C-West


1 Response to “Advan FD RX7”

  1. 1 kai
    04/22/2008 at 16:11

    both rs and rz looks very similar.. i think one of the differences is the center area.. the rz seems to be sharper in shape..

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