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Gatebill 2008

Every year there’s always one weekend marked with a big red pen, this year it will be the 5th till the 7th of September. Gatebill is the biggest show organiser in the northern countries in Europe, (Sweden and Norway)Every year people will travel to the circuit of Rudskogen to participate in one of the biggest event in Europe, Gatebill.

Gatebil 640

This is the circuit of Rudskogen, you can race the track with your own car, witness drifters from all around the world and watch cars with the biggest horsepower number known to man 🙂 The most interesting part of the visit to Gatebill will be the camping where there will be music and nice looking girls giving shows for the visitors.

Here’s a nice video i found to give you an idea of how it looks



Final Motion R34

Final Motion really loves his carbon, as a testimony to this statement they have build this R34. This car has been spotted at the Exciting Car Showdown. What you see is not really carbon fiber, but more like kevlar I guess.


A Z-tune front bumper in carbon who wouldn’t want to have that on their R34?


The complete front end of this R34 has been covered in carbon, bumper, wings and hood.


You see it’s not as good looking from upclose but it is definatly light and that’s what it is all about. The Mspeed R34 is made from the same material.

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