C&Y Sports Hakosuka

The guys at C&Y Sports will put any engine in any car, there quite famous for it. They have put a RB26 in a Hachiroku how’s that weight distribution? A VQ V6 in FD RX7 and a 2JZ in an S15. Their newest achievement is this 900bhp 2JZ transplant in a Hakosuka!!!


Did you ever saw a green Hakosuka? well you have now. It is definalty not my choice of colour but it will have to do.


very expensive and sought after Long Champ XR-4 rims. C&Y Sports have completely restored the car.


And here we have it, the heart of the car. The engine bay is so unbelievable clean, love it.


So clean and simple, paint this is in a more original colour and we have a winner.

C&Y Sport, Power Vehicles

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