Impreza at Hypermeeting 2008

I was browsing through some more photo’s I found of the Hypermeeting at Tsukuba. Suddenly I found this gem. At first it looks just like every other new Impreza, but when you look close you will see some hardcore modifications.


Did you notice the fuel filler cap just below the spoiler? and what about the WRC style arm protector. Not sure how it is called, but I do know that it is to make sure your arm doesn’t leave the car. The Enkei SC02 are wrapped in slick tyres for that extra grip.


How’s that for an interior, this car has definaly been built as a full race car. Rumors are that this was a shakedown test for the Zurich 24hrs race.


Haven’t seen a exhaust like this in a while, awesome!!!


There are no details on this car yet, but looking at this engine bay with al that carbon a larger intercooler I’m sure it will go.


How cool is that? this is the connection for the air jacks that lifts the car when it is having a pitstop.

Subaru, Farm of Minds

1 Response to “Impreza at Hypermeeting 2008”

  1. 1 eclip5e
    04/25/2008 at 05:35

    I’ll put my bets that that is the Prova/Subaru Nurburgring 24h car.

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