Nissan S14?

Today Auto Otaku updated his site with another great coverage of the Mooneyes Street Car Nationals. One car caugh my attention and that was this R34 or so it looked like a R34 at first glance. Upon closer inspection it was definalt not an R34 but a S14. Then I rememberd a similar car that Dino Dalle Carbonare shot back in 2005.


This the car that Auto Otaku shot, the owner has made some changes in the paint department. The SR20 is still in place and got a nice chrome finish


The car was sprayed in a special chameleon paint scheme, what do you guys think of the design?


Carbon fibre center console and custom dash, you wouldn’t get bored with an interior like this that’s for sure


Even the rear light clusters from the R34 found it’s way to this car.


Massive 19″ Volk GT-V rims, also notice the Porsche brake caliper 😉

Auto Otaku, Dino Dalle Carbonare


1 Response to “Nissan S14?”

  1. 04/28/2008 at 20:43

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