Blue R34 GT-R

Here is a very nice example of a clean R34, I really have to get used to no spoiler look but it works pretty good. Matthew Mead shot these photo’s at the Circuit Club at Wakefield Park in Australia. There were alot of high powered cars, like an EVO 9 (more on that one later) and a nicely modded S2000.


You just can’t beat that Top Secret front bumper, the colour of the car also works very well. The car has the almighty RB26 with twin HKS gt25 turbo’s and uprated internals.


Love the spoiler less look in this picture, the car sits on a Aragosta suspension and is adjustable in every thinkable way.


Nismo sideskirts and a Top Secret diffusor, the ideal aero package.


 Never saw these rims before, they are Racing Sparco Vipers in 18″. behind the rims you can see the Endless brake assembely

1 Response to “Blue R34 GT-R”

  1. 1 cbljkkj
    05/01/2008 at 17:07

    This car belongs to Dominic of Autotstyle. The engine bay is so clean and spotless, you would not even notice the monster within.

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