HKS YOKOMO Racing performer IS220-Z

Nobuteru had is first outing with this car during the second round of the D1GP. For it’s first outing it did really great against all the others that didn’t had a break and could maintain there skill. In the end he finished 9th with this car.


Such a cool car. The MSR graphics and the gold Advan RS work very well together. Behind the wheels you can see the 6 pot Endless brakes for that much needed stopping power.


At first I didn’t realised there were two cars, bot these cars are both running the 3SGE Beams engine. The one with the stickers is there competition car and the other one is their test car. It is running


Fuel cell and an exta large fuel pump are needed to feed the 850cc injectors. The exhaust is an one off prototype made by HKS.


The man himself, thinking about his chances. Both car are running the Hypermax D suspension, this setup isn’t out yet for the public.


The competition car is called the IS220-Z. They also have an R version and that one is running an 2JZ with a stroker kit from HKS that increases its capacity to 3400cc. HKS doesn’t mentions it’s horsepower figures.


How’s this for an working space? These car are build with such a high standards, they are truly full fledged racing cars. Oofcourse HKS put all their electronic gadgets in this car like the CAMP2, F-con Pro and EVC system.

HKS Power


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