G Saurus Carbon R32

More pictures of the carbonized R32 build by Garage Saurus have entered the internet. This is one of the most beautiful R32’s out there if you ask me. It get’s even better when you know the engine is pushing out almost 1000bhp. It ran a 8.9 on the quarter mile and its still road legal.

Thanks to Dino we can now enjoy these pictures


Who needs fancy bodykits when you can play with carbon?


All the carbon used is the real deal, no stickers


Giant 19″ BBS LM wheels in a grey finish, I love the red decal as a small detail. You can also see the Project Mu calipers and rotor.


The roof has also been made out of carbon and has been painted over. The hood has been left to expose the raw carbon.


A very clean engine bay consist of a N1 block with a HKS 2.8 liter step 3 kit and a HKS T51R turbo. It gives the car 985bhp. I wonder how it would drive on the road, every stoplight would be a serious temptation.


Even more carbon in the back, just look at the weave of the carbon, PERFECT.

Thanks to the J style blog for these impressive pictures.

Garage Saurus


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